Rental Policy


We request a deposit for each rental piece. The amount of the deposit depends on the value of the gown, robe, or veil. The deposit is automatically added to the shopping cart.

Upon receiving your rental returned to us, we will refund your deposit if no damage or excessive wear & tear can be found. If the rental item is so thoroughly damaged that it is no longer mendable, or if the rental item is not returned, we have the right to keep your full deposit. 

Rental Period

Our rental period is 5 days. If you have questions about your dates, please email us at


Our shipping courier will provide the date that the shipment is expected to arrive. We request that you postmark the return shipment on the fifth day following the arrival date or your preferred rental start date (whichever is later). For example, if the shipment were to arrive early on the 9th of September, and you requested it for the 10th of September, we ask that you postmark the return shipment by the 15th of September. Sundays and Public Holidays are excluded.


A surcharge of US$25/day will apply for each additional day that the rental is overdue. 


Returning the Rental

Shipping time is not included in the rental period. However we expect a reasonable timeframe for return shipping. Typically this is 1-3 days for domestic shipping and 3-5 days for international shipping. We request that you return the pieces using a shipping option with tracking.


We will try our best to accommodate your rental request. There will be times when a piece may not be available. In order to prevent delays in your rental, please specify any alternates you would be open to renting under Notes section at checkout. If a replacement item is of lesser value, we will refunded the difference, if the alternate item is of greater value, we will also refund accordingly.


Cleaning & Damage

We will clean minor stains as part of the rental fee. However, with severe soiling or holes, renter will be charged for the cost of damage and repairs.


By selecting "Add to Cart" and completing the checkout, you have agreed to these terms.

For questions on Rentals, please contact us at