Parisian Morning Glow | France

Timeless is the age of boudoir photography. 

We're honoured and thrilled to be a part of Celine Chhuon's branding session for her website. Featured on La Mariée aux Pieds Nus, Dear Grey Magazine, Wedding Sparrow, and Magnolia Rouge, the prettiness is just unbelievable. We can't even.

Celine, owner of Celine Chhuon Photography, created a warm space for this boudoir editorial in the morning light of a Parisian apartment.  Her model adorned our Elyse Mid length robe and L'eclipse bralette set in black, speaks romance and femininity to us.

With a light touch of floral detail in her amber hair and a dainty ring, design by Mertille Beck, we are able to envision a fair maiden in the comfort of her own skin. Unafraid to love herself, she opens her window and invites the warm sun to dance upon her curves with joy beating inside her heart.

Waking up in a Parisian apartment, basked in the first rays of morning light, she reveals her femininity in the utmost simplicity. Because simplicity is the ultimate perfection.