Cecilia & Daniel | Paris

Cecilia and Daniel's engagement in the Spring was a dream.

With engagement photos taken all over the city of light and love, it's a love letter to Paris and their relationship. For her engagement, Cecilia chose to wear our beautiful Aurélie gown. Shades of dusty rose complemented her stunning bouquet perfectly. Cecilia had the right idea and hired THE perfect dynamic duo Myrtle et Olive and Zosia Zacharia to curate this moment for her.

Let us level with you: a brilliant Paris photo shoot can and should be prepared for. In fact, the amount of fun, natural flow, and stunning photographs you should expect is often directly related to the time you invest into your preparations … and how well you communicate with your artist during the planning process.

So when is the best time of day to take those classic engagement photos? Sunrise-golden hour is when you get the most beautiful light softly touching on your skin and hair. It's also the time where there are the least amount of tourists blocking your photos. Those pesky tourists... Twilight-blue hour is the most magical. Soft flattering light and no blown out shadows.

Mine was the twilight and the morning. Mine was a world of rooftops and love songs.